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    art fleener

    I have a stein that has been in my wife’s family for as long as anyone can remember. Her family came to the USA from Germany in the mid 1800’s

    These are the only markings I can find on the stein, and they are on the lid. Unfortunately I did not take a picture of the whole stein.

    Any help with identification or information on the touchmarks is appreciated.



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    art fleener
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    It would be interesting to see a photo of the stein.

    That mark does not look like a stein mark. It looks like a silversmith’s mark. It resembles the mark of the city of Freiberg, a city in southeast Germany near Dresden that has been famous for silver since long before steins were made.

    So my suggestion is to try to look up silversmith’s marks, especially if you can find them from Freiberg. It may have been one of the silversmiths from there.

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      Two of the marks on the lid are the marks of the Pewter Guild of Schneeberg, DDR The center mark I could not track down, however that mark would identify the pewter master (or Zinn Meister) who crafted that stein. I did find marks from two Zinn Meisters who were members of that guild however neither of them had a mark similar to the center mark on your stein. —- Jerry

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      art fleener

      thank you both for your help. I will get a picture of the stein next time I am at my in laws and repost.



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