Stein identification

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    Andy Hummel

    I was wondering if anyone could help me identify the marks on this stein and cups? I want to know mostly age of this set. It has a W over top of a C with Germany stamped in the bottom. The cups have a hand etched 7 and the stein/pitcher has 3500 stamped in the bottom.

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    A picture is better than 1,000 words, but the “W” over a “C” is probably Werner Corzelius. That firm’s name dates from 1954, so your set would be considered modern era. I am not aware of a catalog for that firm. See and for further information.

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    Stein Identification and Value

    Unsure of any information other than that my grandmother acquired them when her husband was stationed overseas in Belgium. Looked up online and could only find photos from other posters but no apparent information as far as back story or proper value.
    Sticker on the bottom says GERZ W.Germany Golden Brown in color with 3 characters (2males 1female places at a bar or table appear to be drinking) with Ein Volles Desgastes Glasspass written under the handle, with Dark blue color around base and top. Metal lid silver in color rather heavy with the #73 on top and on bottom DBGM followed By DRM that is inside of a sideways Diamond.
    Other than this I do not see any apparent markings as far as the naked eye goes.

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    I assume this post has nothing to do with the above posts. What you have is a modern Gerz. There’s no real established value as these steins hold little interest to most collectors. Even so, some are worth more than others, but I couldn’t even guess without photos. DBGM is a copyright mark.

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