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    Hello everyone. I’m a ceramic artist and a friend of mine recently asked me if I could make him a legit beer stien. I can do the ceramic part in my sleep but I need help figuring out the pewter lid. Specifically how the hinge is done. I am proficient at mold making and am certain I can cast the pieces if I can figure out how it is supposed to be done. Is there anyone here that can help me out or point me to resources that I can reference? I haven’t been able to find much on the internet.

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    This short video should give you what you need,

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    Jerry Berg


    If a few years ago I read about making a pewter hinge. The process used two molds, one that made half of the hinge (for example the thumblift and two of the hinge rings) and a second mold which would hold the whole hinge. The process required making the half hinge first, then coating the rings with a “Copper Wash” then putting the half hinge into the full mold and filling the full mold with melted pewter. Copper has a higher melting point than pewter, so the copper wash acted like a buffer between the half hinge and the remaining melted pewter that was added. My understanding is that the “Copper Wash” was taking ground copper and mixing it with water for the wash. The water would evaporate and leave the ground copper as a barrier. After the hinge was removed from the mold, flexing the hinge would force out the copper like a green sludge.


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