Stein maker and value inquiry

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    I just purchased this stein and it did not come with the lid. It appears by the handle that the lid was never installed as there are no marks in that area on the handle.
    I am having difficulty determining a maker and approximate year and therefore cannot give it a valuation.
    I am including two links of pictures for the stein in hopes of determining the maker.

    Hope someone can help 🙂


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    The 444 Combat Support Squadron was formed in 1953, making this mug relatively modern. I doubt it was ever intended to have a lid. The cobra decor may have some appeal for Canadian military collectors, but the value is likely to be less than $10.

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    Do you or anyone else have information on the inscription on the bottom of the stein?

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    I really would like to know the maker if possible as we can’t find any information on the bottom markings

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    Many steins both classic and modern, especially the basic simple drinking steins, were made by a pottery maker and then decorated by someone else who bought the blanks.
    In this case it appears that there are no maker’s marks on the bottom and instead full details from the decorator.
    First is his name, Curt Stehr.
    Then is what he does: Vereinsbedart means “club needs” and Uniformettekten means “uniform effects” so he made items for clubs and military units such as your stein for a Canadian Air Force unit stationed there.
    The city is Ettingen, in south west Germany near the French border.
    The rest is a bit odd, Hochhaus just means highrise apartment building and the telephone number is only 4 digits. Perhaps it was the first highrise there and the numbers were simpler in the 50’s?
    Check for maker’s marks under and beside the handle. If there are none there is no way to tell more.

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