Stein of the Month–is this a advertisement?

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    Ken S.

    Given SCI’s long record of discouraging people from posting info about steins for the purpose of selling them, I was surprised to see what looks like a Hallmark ad for steins for sale as the Stein of the Month! I don’t see an author of the article. I feel that this is not in keeping with the protocol of this site. Does anyone else out there agree with me?

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    Ken, I made the decision to use this stein for this purpose, and I did think about the commercial aspect. It may reasonably be interpreted as an advertisement, although SCI has no interest, financial or otherwise, in any resultant sales. I prefer to think of it an an interesting public service announcement, making our members and visitors aware of this stein. That has been done repeatedly over the years in Prosit. The policy of discouraging posts in SteinTalk which offer or refer readers to items for sale has been to avoid situations where there is a conflict of interest. I hope all our visitors understand the difference.

    Walt Vogdes

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    I understand what you are saying and basically agree with you. However, with our declining membership, we need to be looking at alternative revenue sources to keep our organization going. We accept ads and their revenue for Prosit. Why not do the same on the web site. If Hallmark wants to advertise their stein, why not let them pay for it and keep the featured stein for our articles. With all the free stein information being offered by us and others, it is becoming more difficult to attract paying members.

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    John Piet

    I don’t see anything wrong with the article except for the link to the Hallmark website. I am sure if anyone is interested in these steins, they can find Hallmark without the link.

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