Stein Value?

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    Found this at a local recycle shop . Cant find any marks . Interesting numbered lid and translucent portrait in bottom.

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      This is a reservist stein from an artillery unit. He served from 1901-1903. The image is a lithophane that are usually found in porcelain steins. You can see the image when you hold it up to a strong light. It is highly collectible. What is the condition? Any cracks or lines in the lithophane?

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    Thank You for your response. The Stein seems perfect with really nice patina. Any idea what the top #s represent? I’ll post a pic of the image
    How would I go about getting an appraisal?
    Thanks again!!

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      That photo is an image of the lithophane. I presume the numbers you are talking about are those around the shell. That is the fuse which was set to determine how long the shell was to travel before detonation. If you are looking to sell it, you should contact one of the two auction companies that specialize in selling beer steins, The Stein Auction Company in Chicago, which has more auctions, or Ron Fox Auctions in California. The Stein Auction Company shows some past catalogs with prices realized. Keep in mind that those prices include the buyer’s premium which they keep, plus you have to pay to ship it to them.

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    Thanks so much for your help. I feel a bit smarter today.

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