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    Dave Leitzell

    Hi All,

    I have two steins if anyone is interested. I’m not sure of the value of the steins. One is a Babe Ruth stein with the #N1566 on the bottom, another is a Anheuser Busch 100 year anniversary stein 1876 – 1976. Any insight on these steins would be great. Thanks!

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    These are new steins, so your best bet is to search ebay or Google the stein to get an estimate of the value.

    The Budweiser Centennial stein (catalog number CS22) came in four versions, all made by Ceramarte in Brazil, and each has a different value in mint condition. By the way, it is a mug and not a stein as it doesn’t have a lid and none was intended. The Babe Ruth stein was made for different firms (Bradford Exchange, Avon, Ceramarte for Budweiser, etc.) You really need to post photos if you want help. There were a lot of these steins, so they will not go for a lot of money. If you try selling them on ebay, the shipping price will be a high percentage of the selling price, which makes they less desireable for buying.

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