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    Sue W

    I have a few very old steins from a collection given to me that I would like to sell. I would also appreciate information on values. If you contact me at the above email, I will send photos. I don’t see how to do this on here. Thank you.

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    The e-mail address you are required to list is solely for registering for SteinTalk. It is not revealed to other people. The main heading of SteinTalk has a link to the Buy & Sell page which is where your post should be posted. There is also a a section for How to Post Pictures. Photos are needed to show you really have something to sell. If you are going to post your e-mail address, you should separate the two parts of your address by the word AT instead of the sign @ to fool any robot searching for e-mail addresses.

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    John Piet

    If you go to the beerstein library, , you can get an approximate value for your steins by searching for them with the model number from the bottom of the stein, and a word or two of text if there is a verse on the stein. If it is marked W. Germany on the bottom, the stein probably has very little market value.

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