Student association shields and 'Zirkel'

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    I added a couple scans of German student associations (their shields and their ‘Zirkel’ (initials). They may help identify your student association steins.


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    John Piet

    Thanks for putting those charts on line. They are a good reference. However, anyone using them should be aware that the Zirkel alone or the Zirkel in combination with the colors on the shield are not sufficient means of identifying a student association. Take a look at the representations for K. Borussia on the charts. Most have the same Zirkel and several have the same colors. For a proper identification, one also needs the information from the Wappen, the motto, and the dedication where those are available.

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    Allan Port

    I’m a paperweight collector and have an old paperweight with an image of what appears to be a student in a uniform. Can you provide any further information on the uniform or period of the image? To my mind, this probably dates from about 1880-1920.

    Picture of paperweight

    Close-up view

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