The Trumpeter of Sackingen "Farewell"

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    SCI team. A few questions concerning this stein. Here’s is what I think I know. Year is 1900 (because all steins that look like this are 1900?). “Farewell” scene of the Trumpeter of Sackingen. No markings on the bottom of the stein. The pewter shank has the markings “R Z”. There is a lithophane and the size is 0.3L (small stein). Questions are: (1) Who is the manufacture? (I think we don’t know); (2) What is the known year? (I think is 1900); (3) I come across a lot of these type of steins: Tan/white in color with a black/maroon line border with a picture inside with a maroon/red trim (see last picture), some with/without a lithophane. What can you tell me about these type of steins? Are they hand-painted or transfer? (They also have a textured painted highlights). (4) Are these type of steins highly collectible/desired in the stein hobby?

    Rob (a new guy in the Stein Hobby)

    Front picture

    Side view

    Pewter marking
    3 Similiar Steins

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    Except for porcelain character steins, I don’t know of any manufacturer’s catalogs for porcelain steins, although Hauber & Reuther did make some porcelain steins.

    Only Mettlach dated their steins. Most others can only be dated to periods from the marks they used or other information. Porcelain steins are usually not marked, particularly lithophanes, on the bottom.

    When we say 1900, it is generally circa or around that date. Germany didn’t export much during WWI. The 1920s were difficult years after the war. While they started producing again in the 1930s, they were left out in the cold again with WWII. After the war (1949-1999) they would have been stamped made in W. Germany for export.

    RZ is for rein zinn, or pure pewter.

    Did you join SCi? Do you belong to a chapter. Both will help you gain knowledge for your new hobby.

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    Thanks Ron! I did join SCI about 4 weeks ago, there is so much information. I’m slowing learning a little at a time. What are the benefits of joining a chapter? Haven’t thought about that.

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      Belonging to a local chapter will allow you to know more stein collectors, trade stories and learn more about your hobby.

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      Hi, Ron! How to join the team SCI?

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      Just go to the top of the page and click on Chapters. Find the chapter nearest you, and just contact them.

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