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    I have what looks like a Thewalt 164, but it has a mix of motifs that I can only find on other Thewalt steins online. Specifically, the clover leaf around the base.

    Is it a recreation of the early stein but still a Thewalt? If not a Thewalt, where does this thing come from?

    Really researched this and can’t figure it out. I would love a stein expert or enthusiasts opinion this. Thank you!

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      This is an old A J Thewalt stein designed by Wilhelm Kamp. It does differ at base of the steins as you have noted. Sometimes they used different lids, handles and color schemes when making steins. This is just another variation. It is not a copy or reproduction of an original.

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    Wow! That’s a surprise. Thanks, Ron. It has a P and H baked into the bottom which has me still scratching my head.

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