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    Dennis Sprague

    Can anyone translate the following writing on the brim of a German stein lid:
    L. Horte Z with a c in the middle 1 S/L LBB A. Lander (Another) Z with a c in the middle then z.Lrdl Erg. Wurzburg Weilnaditon 1885.
    If anyone can tell me what all that means I would appreciate it. Thanks Dennis

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    This is a dedication from one student to another. Both were members of a student association (fraternity), and Horte gave the stein to Lander at Christmas time in 1885.

    You’ve made some errors in reading and transcribing the inscription, which should read

    L. Horte [Zirkel] s/l LBB. A. Lauder [Zirkel] z. Frdl. Erg. Wurzburg Weinachten 1885.

    The Zirkel is a special ligature which was created specifically for the particular association, and usually features the first letter of the association name. It was commonly used behind a person’s name to indicate that they were a member of that particular society.

    This inscription translates as

    L. Horte [Zirkel] (to) his dear Leibbruder (brother for life) A. Lauder in fond memory of Wurzburg, Christmas, 1885

    There are several articles in the Reading Room which will explain all of this.

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      Dennis Sprague

      Thank you sir for the translation. I will visit the reading room and look at this a little more. Best wishes to you and yours Dennis

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