Trying to find value of Girmscheid stein

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    Matthew Spireng

    I have what I have determined to apparently be an M. Girmscheid stein that I can’t find a match for anywhere on the internet and am trying to find its value. It appears to be unusual, but I’m far from a stein expert. It is marked on the bottom: Germany 1234 and there appears to be something that looks like a check mark, and perhaps half of a B. There may be a marking on the body as well. It has a ceramic lid with three acorns. I can send photos to anyone who may help. My email is It has a vine handle. It is brown and green with everything in relief. The image on the front (opposite handle) is of a man playing a mandolin flanked by two women. Below the image is: “Prosit”. The phrases one either side are: “Ein liebliches Madel, Daslob’ ich mir” and “Ein frohliches Lied Ein gutes Glas bier”. Thanks for any help anyone can be.

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    Matthew Spireng

    By the way, I’d gladly post the photos here, but I don’t have a website, am not particularly computer savvy, and can’t figure out how to post them. I’ll gladly send them to anyone who CAN post them here.

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    Ron Gray


    If you click on About SteinTalk, it will give you some ideas about posting pictures. There are some web sites available for posting photos. Also, most ISP allow you some pages to create your own page.

    Your stein is a Girmscheid stein, 1.0 L relief. The Beer Stein Library translation of the German is as follows: “Ein fröhliches Leid, ein gutes Glas Bier, ein liebliches Mädel, das lob ich mir.” (A cheerful song, a good glass of beer, a charming maiden, that’s what I recommend.)

    You will need to post photos and state the condition of the stein. It comes in full color and limited color editions. Relief steins are not the most popular with collectors, so at best it will have a modest value under $100 if you can find a buyer.

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    Matthew Spireng

    Thanks. I read the About SteinTalk posting pictures stuff, and I’ll try looking again over the next few days, but it didn’t seem like I was going to get anywhere as far as posting the photos.
    This stein is mainly green, brown and cream, so I guess this is limited color. The Stein is perfect with no chips etc. EXCEPT FOR a crack in the lid where the metal goes through.
    Anyway, as I said, I can email pix (including closeups on bottom, the lid inside and out and all views of the whole Stein) because I can attach them to an email, but whether I’ll figure out how to post them here remains to be seen.
    One other question, Ron. Do you know somewhere there’s an image of this Stein model on the Internet, or a catalog showing it?
    Thanks again.

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      The Beer Stein Library shows your stein, but you need to be a member to view the catalogs. You can go to the auction sites to see if it is in a past auction catalog (see Sites of Interest under Reading).

      The crack in the lid will reduce the value. While it could be repaired, it will not restore it to mint value and the cost of repair, including shipping, will probably outweigh any increase in its value.

      Are you a collector and a member of SCI?

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    Matthew Spireng

    I’m neither a collector nor a member of SCI. I found the Stein among my parents’ things and am looking to sell it. As such, the cost of membership in SCI to see the Stein in the catalog wouldn’t seem to make sense, especially since you’re indicating it’s not a particularly valuable one. $35 for membership would cut deeply into anything I would get for it, apparently. I don’t know if it’s OK for anyone to copy the photo and catalog info to me by email. If it is, I’d appreciate it.
    I’ve googled Girmscheid and looked at what I find, which has not included this particular stein.
    Thanks again.

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