Trying to Identify Beer Stein from West Germany

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    Bob Clingan

    My grandmother passed away recently and I found this beer stein from West Germany. I was trying to determine its worth. Below is a link to the image (side view and bottom with markings)

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    It looks like the potter’s wheel mark of Marzi & Remy. Can you make out the initials M and R on each side of the vertical line? I couldn’t find mold 699 in any catalog for them. The old catalog does show a pouring pitcher with that number.

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    Bob Clingan

    When I zoom in on the photo I don’t really see it, I will have to go look at the original again. Here is a side shot:

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    Bob Clingan

    Perhaps its 669? I think I took the photo upside down maybe?

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    Michael Benge

    A colorful post-war stein is of more sentimental value than cash value, regardless of the possible makers. Don’t take it Antiques Roadshow. OK for quaffing a beer or as a pencil holder.

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