Unidentified German beer stein

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    My grandfather gave me a beer stein years ago. The only markings I can identify on the bottom are DEN GERMANY 1/2 (I’m assuming it is a half liter stein). The scene displayed is that of a man sitting and a woman standing while facing him with her hands behind her. Message reads “Zeit Wind Frau und Gluck Verandern Sich Im Augenblick (my german is rusty but I think it translates to Time, Wind, Women and luck can change in the blink of an eye. There are also two white flowers with a yellow center on a dark blue background. I have seen this scene before, however the stein I have has a tiny viewing window in the handle near the stein body. Upon looking into the peep hole there is a picture of a woman (without clothes) reaching down towards the ground to pick up what appears to be potatoes. This is a picture and not a painting or a drawing. It is in black and white. I would like to know who manufactured this stein. It came back with my grandfather from Germany near the end of WWII.

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    Your translation is right on. The small hole sounds like a stanhope, but the nature of the photo sounds more like the 1950s rather than the 1900s. I couldn’t find the stein, so you need to provide photos.

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      The white flower with the yellow center is edelweiss. I did find a stanhope of a naked woman in an old reservist’s stein. It is on page 661 of the Deutsche Reservosten-Berkruege book by Siegmund Schaich published in 2013.

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