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    My name is scott and I have a very unique beer stein I believe. I’ve been searching for it till I’ve gone cross eyed and I am in need of assistance badly. I don’t know how to post pis for you just yet so I’ll explain it for. Ow . It appears to be hand painted with a drunken man hanging on a nonparking sign and he’s got a beer turned up drinking it and another in his pocket and there is one on the ground. The man has gray pants wig a stripe and a green jacket wig a red vest and a green hat. And he has circled drawn around him as to portray him to be shitfaced. Underneath him are the words. “Hab’ J an’ Durscht–mia is alles Wurscht. It has a silver convex lid, a 0.5L etched in the side and the bottom has a name I think it’s spelled handgemeir in a semicircle with the number 26 in the middle. If you am help with this please let me know ASAP and thank you in advance. I will send pics if you would like just give me a email.

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    Click on the link at the top of Steintalk that says “How to Place Photos into SteinTalk”. As a last resort, if you can’t, have a friend put the picture on his Facebook or on the SCI Facebook site. One picture of the stein and one of the bottom should be enough.

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    Here is a photo of the stein, http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Stein-Hab-I-un-Durscht-mia-is-alles-Wurscht-Simon-Peter-Gerz-Germany-/370988876914?hash=item5660a90472:g:X18AAOxy4dNS2a2o, or ebay #37098876914. This one was made by Simon Peter Gerz and probably post-WWII. The phrase roughly translates to “When I’m thirsty, I don’t care about anything else” on a site I found.

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    I’d like to add that I have one of these steins. It is one of five that I have that are clearly in the same series with similar humorous artwork. Only one of them has the Gerz mark, which is very faint, but they are clearly all from the same source. Mine are not lidded but the dents and holes in the handles show that they were sold either way.

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    Here is a link to a photo of the five steins. I don’t know how many are in the series. Gerz seems to have liked this sort of simple, humorous stein.

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      Two of these steins are now listed on ebay. Now a new sixth stein has been listed, ebay #202021586607.

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