Unknown origin of pitcher stein

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    Steven Ansell

    Hi everyone,
    I’ve had this Stein pitcher for a few years and cannot find the maker or how old it could be as I have not found any on the internet similar to this. I have found out that the shield the knight is holding has the family coat of arms of the nellenburgs but if its linked then it must be a repro as they were founded in the 13th century. Other details include restoration attempts using quite large old looking rivets and emblems of the green man placed proportionately around the centre of the pitcher. It would be great if you can help as I’ve been trying on and off for years to find out.

    Many thanks,
    Steven Ansell
    Germanic Pitcher

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    Steven Ansell


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    Steven Ansell

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    Your photos are not viewable. Please repost your photos.

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    John Piet

    I put this picture on the SCI Facebook page if it does not show up here.


    or here is the direct link:pitcher

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    Janet Carter

    Could you post a clear photo of the writing in the circle around the image of the knight?

    And is there perhaps a date just above that?

    Repairs such as those shown were common years ago (before superglue!) and some people collect all kinds of such repaired items. Cool!

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    Janet Carter

    Here’s a similar one, at least the front side. Several views shown. Produced by Reinhold Hanke.


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