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    Bill Hume

    I just acquired what appears to be an old beer stein but I haven’t been able to find its maker listed anywhere. It is a glass stein with a pewter lid, grey and pitted on top.
    The glass has small bubbles in it and occasional swirls on its outer surface, which is made up of flat, vertical sections.
    It has a crown containing the initials “GS” (I think, it is small).
    Inside the lid, which is smooth and shiny, is the name Anton Simmet, and Erding.
    Any information I might glean would be greatly appreciated.
    Bill HUME

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    Bill Hume

    That crown I mentioned is on the Center of the bottom in the glass.
    Bill Hume

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    Most glass steins are unmarked. Your stein is marked and was made by Sächsische Glasfabrik, see http://www.steinmarks.co.uk/pages/pv.asp?p=stein748. Erding is a city in Bavaria. Anton simmet was probably the pewter maker, but I could not find this name.

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    If you can get a legible pic of the name under the lid, send it and a pic of the stein to the Steinmarks site in the above reply. Chris can check references and will at least post the pix to the website.

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