V & B. Mettlach F. Reils plate identification help

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    i have just bought a pair of wall hanging plates (or maybe chargers?). From my own research i think the marking indicates that the plates were made between 1870 and 1904. however i cannot find this design by F. Reils anywhere, has anyone else seen this plate before and could anyone tell me the exact age?

    any help is greatly appreciated, photos attached (one is a bit mucky but should clean up well!)

    just made a flicker account so hope this works – https://www.flickr.com/photos/138998392@N03/?



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    Your plaque or charger appears in Gary Kirsner’s The Mettlach Book. It is Form 1044, decorations 985 and 986, meant to be sold as a pair. It is a Print under Glaze (PUG),7.5 inch size. The artist is Fritz Reiss (1875-1915). The description is young girl with sheep and young woman with broom. A dot dating system was sometimes used with the Mercury Mark. If the scalloping and dots at the bottom of the mark appear to be missing (there should be ten, there are less than 10 on one of the items) then 1 to 9 dots starting from the right represents the years 1891-to 1899. The years 1890 and 1900 both have 10 dots.

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    Hi Ron,

    thank you for all of that information, i would of never have known that is how to date them! they each have 7 dots, so 1897 if i have worked that out right. is there a place on this forum for a valuation? I bought these at auction for a very good price (i think) and would love to know their true value.

    thanks again


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    Bill G

    George, The Mettlach Book values the plaques at $100-150 each. Unfortunately many of the values have gone down since the 2005 printing.

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    All Mettlach valuations are for items in “mint” original condition.

    The plaque on the left appears to be damaged as a result of glaze crazing which has allowed water and dirt to get under the glaze, creating those dark splotches. A plaque in this condition will be of no interest to Mettlach collectors.

    The plaque on the right may have similar damage, or it may just be dirty, but it does not appear to be in good condition, either.

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    Bill G

    Sorry, Walt. I should have mentioned that.

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    Great, Thanks for your help!

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    hi, sorry i missed that previous comment, the dark blotches have now gone from the front at least – it just needed a good clean.

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      Wow, quite an improvement.

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    I’m looking for any information on lot #27 (see link below) which I recently acquired. Thanks.



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