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    sandi gould

    Looking for a value on a Gerz stein, model 3251, Made in Germany French Zone, apprx 17 inches high, designer mark is Rudy Dekker. From what I’m finding online, it is called Farewell. Excellent condition, no chips, or problems with it that I can find.
    Es ritten drei Reiler
    zum Thor hinaus
    Feins Liebchen schau
    zum Fenster hinaus

    Thank you!

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    The Beer Stein Library (TBSL) shows it as a 2,0 L relief pottery stein. The French zone would date it from May 1945 to May 1949. TBSL has this information on the stein: “Es ritten drei Reiter zum Thor hinaus. Ade! Feins Liebchen schaute zum Fenster hinaus. Ade!” (Three knights rode out of the gate. Adieu! A fine lady-love looked out of the window. Adieu!) Text is from a song entitled “Drei Ritter am Tore” (Three Knights at the Gate), written in 1822 by Wilhelm Müller and set to music in 1826 by Franz Schubert.

    It doesn’t say anything about the designer. Rudy Dekker (RD) designed steins for Reinhold Hanke. Do you have a photo of the initials?

    TBSL lists the full color version at $40-60 in mint condition and the limited color version at $35-50 in mint condition. This would be the value in a stein auction, so about 1/3 of that value would go to the auction company. The price on ebay would be at the lower end of the range or less.

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    Nick Frederiksen

    I have a limited edition Willi Geck glass beer stein which is numbered 45 out of 2000 It is a Brandenburg Gate Stein with a small portion of the berlin wall on top of the pewter lid. I am looking for the value of this mug or any place to research the value

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      You should have started a new thread rather than tacking it on as a reply to another thread.
      Your best bet is to search ebay or Google for similar items. Try both the German and U.S. versions. Limited edition steins normally sell for about 1/2 their original retail in the after market. Only time or other circumstances will tell if they will become more valuable. A number of firms made steins featuring stones from the Berlin Wall. Willi Geck is a retail shop catering to the U.S. military market in Germany. The stein would have been produced by another firm.

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