Very Tall Stein found in basement in Beaufort, SC

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    So the title says it all, found a Stein in Beaufort SC that was covered in dirt and dust. Cleaned it up a bit and the only markings it has are the German words on the sides, 2.5 L at the top, and 845 imprinted on the bottom. I would love to know more about this stein. It measures 13″ tall. Feel free to email me at, I will try and visit back here soon but I am very new to the blog.

    Stein 1

    Stein 2

    Stein 3

    Stein 4

    Stein 5

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    This stein was made by J W Remy and shows a scene depicting a Tyrolean Musician and Singers. The German saying is “Wer sich zum Trinken das Wasser erkoren, an dem ist Hopfen und Malz verloren.”
    (Whoever chooses to drink water, in them hops and malt are lost.) Your stein, which is intended to serve beer from, is missing the lid. Mettlach steins are the only ones that have a date of manufacture. Your stein could date from anywhere around 1900 to 1930. The firm is no longer in business. It was founded by Johann Wilhelm Remy in 1866 in Höhr (now Höhr-Grenzhausen) Germany and ceased operations in 1966.

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      The German phrase I gave you substituted “trinken” for “zechen.” Both words mean about the same thing.

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    WHOOOAAAAA… that is amazing! 1900 to 1930!… wow. I kind of feel bad for only paying $20 for it now, she had several others that were smaller if anyone wants to take a trip to Beaufort, SC. Thank you so much for such a quick response! I am not a Stein collector but I just might turn into one now. Thanks again!

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    Lyn Ayers

    Josh, a little more information. I collect steins from this company. Although Ron is basically correct as to the age, it was likely made beetween 1890 and 1910. they made a series of this type of stein in either a saltglaze finish or full color ivory stoneware. My example is in full color. Yours most likely predates it. One unusual characteristic is that this grouping of steins is distinguished by all being pictured outdoors, along with no decorative banding around the top of the stein.
    You might consider cleaning it with 409. It should clean up and look like new just out of the factory.

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