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    Good Morning,

    I am new to the site and interest, and have read some background information on the history, purpose and production of steins/tankards. What resources do you recommend from here to take a deeper dive on these topics?

    Would greatly appreciate any book recommendations you may have.

    By way of introduction, I am particularly taken by those steins that have a design related to a particular fable or historical scene.



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    Bill G

    Alex, I would suggest checking on The Beer Stein Library while it’s still available. The search capability is not as good as it was, but the price is free. Find it at http://www.beerstein.net and let us know what you think. What particular fable are you taken by?

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      Thank you for the responses. I will review both of these online resources.

      Bill, I don’t have a particular fable I am taken by, but appreciate the chance to see what are typically moral lessons depicted visually as a reminder of the teaching. I think this gives artwork of this nature some practical as well as aesthetic value.

      What is the focus (if any) to your collections?

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      Hi Alex. Although I have steins of many types, my focus has settled on Munich Child (a favorite city), glass (I like to examine the techniques employed), Jugendstil (I appreciate the overall design aesthetic) and Student associations (which has led me to enjoyable historical research). I am much less concerned about “who made it” than “what does the decoration teach me.”


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    Welcome to the hobby, Alex. While The Beer Stein Library is a good resource, this site does as well. I encourage you to become familiar with the range of articles in the Reading Room. You don’t have to read them all in order to gain a sense of which ones draw your interest. Links to article in the Reading Room are organized as follows:

    • Getting Started: An Introduction to Stein Collecting
    • Specific Areas of Collecting Interest
    • Glass Steins
    • Reference Works
    • Translation Aids
    • Miscellaneous Articles
    • Manufacturers, Artists, Designers, Etc.
    • Themes and Stories on Steins

    All of the articles in the “Getting Started” section provide useful information tht all collectors should be familiar with.

    Specific articles that I would recommend include:

    • It Dates From Around the Turn of the Century
    • Gambrinus, King of Beer
    • Munich Child, a History
    • Oktoberfest
    • Sch├╝tzenliesl, or the Target Girl
    • The Symbolism of Animals

    I also suggest you browse the Stein of the Month archives (link is available from Stein of the Month articles, also available from the Reading Room). This collection of more than 200 short articles about specific steins offers a way to quickly and easily learn about a wide variety of examples.

    As you learn, keep an open mind. The field is broad, and all of us have learned that you can’t collect everything, you have to have focus.

    I hope you will return to this forum often.

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    You will not find a shortage of steins with fables and historic scenes. For some reason the fables are mostly on classic period steins rather than modern ones. There are quite a few historic scenes on modern ones though, generally commemorating some anniversary or other. Ebay is great for finding that sort of stein; but, they may not be described as such so you may have to examine the photos and interpret the scene.

    If you like proverbs, there is an even larger number of steins featuring proverbs. Perhaps even most of them.

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    That is an interesting point about proverbs SEastman. Perhaps this provides some divine protection against the ill effects of overindulging? My wife studies Christianity, so may be an interesting angle for a collection.

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