Zum Wohlsein stein

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    Hey all!

    I have a stein that says “Zum Wohlstein” on the front. Does anyone know what this means or what brewery it may have been from? I know that it is an authentic german stein but I was wondering what to price it for. I imagine that authentic German steins can very greatly in price. It is handpainted and has a decorated metal lid that opens and closes. It also has a music box built in that if wound up, will play a song when the stein is off of a flat surface.

    Thank you!

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    It is a greeting which you can find under the Reading section in Translations Illustrated. It doesn’t tell us who made it, what materials were used, when it was made, its size, its condition or other factors that might be of value in evaluating its worth. A photo would help too.

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    Zum Wohlsein simply means Prosit in German, literally translated it means ‘to your wellbeing’

    Best, Juergen

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