"Collecting is a real passion, or perhaps an infection, that attacks overnight and for which there is hardly a cure. In my case, I would not allow a physician near me who had an interest in curing me of my particular illness." -------- Werner Sahm


The largest and most complete history of the Freising/Hauber & Reuther factory ever compiled. More than 600 varieties are illustrated, including more than 60 character steins. As new pieces surface, they will be added to this reference.


In 1980, Mike Wald's book "HR Steins" was published by Stein Collectors International. That was twenty-nine years ago and in the past twenty-nine years an enormous amount of new information has surfaced making most of the information in the Wald book somewhat dated. In 1980, Mike was still speculating whether Hauber & Reuther was a manufacturer, or a finishing shop. However, thanks to the discovery of a Hauber and Reuther advertisement by Werner Sahm, Mike had finally came to believe that HR was indeed Hauber & Reuther and that they had been located in Freising.

"HR Steins" lists 264 varieties of 187 different model numbers. As this is written, I have listed 884 varieties of 345 different model numbers. You will find 648 of the 884 varieties illustrated in the photo catalog section, as compared to 202 in "HR Steins" and if you collect character steins, you will find 62 varieties illustrated here as opposed to 6.

Thanks must go to Dr./Profs. Irmgard and Werner Endres and to Dr./Prof. Herbert Hagn and his associate Erwin Neumair, for their discovery and publication of both, archival information and physical evidence, especially of that recovered from the two archeological excavations of wasting-heaps, at the former site of the Freising factory.

I hope you find the information contained within, both interesting and educational. Once you open the "Table of Contents," the entire Freising/Hauber & Reuther story is at your finger tips. Enjoy!

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