A couple of these articles are rather large and have a large number of illustrations. While I have kept the overall size of the illustrations to a minimum, they may still take a bit of time to load depending on your internet connection. Please be patient.


   Thumblift Odyssey

   All Known Freising Factory Marks Explained.

 HR Steins and the Freising Factory Revisited 

   The Fritz Thenn Regensburg Steinzeug Factory 1874-1886

   Beer Stein Ceramics Simplified

   Twisted Vine Handles Simplified 

   Porcelain a Short History from 1708 to World War I

   Finishing Shops were not Manufacturers

   Capacity Marks by Manufacturer 

   Salt Glaze, What is it and How Do you Recognise it?

   Pewter Fittings Through the Ages

   A Concise History of Faience and German Factories

   Westerwald Steinzeug 1600 - 1914

   Jeweled Lids, Myth and Superstition


   When is an August Saeltzer Stein, Not? 

   Simon Peter Gerz

   Victor von Scheffel

   Celtic Art and the Historismus Movement

   A Single Event Merkelbach & Wick Stein

   Freising/HR Steins Enameled Over Saltglaze

   A Student Stein from the Freiberg School of Mining

   Schlaraffenland and Schlaraffia - An expanded version

   A "Classical" Hunter's Stein

   They Speak to Me

   The Pre-HR Freising Factory 1876-1882

   Freising/HR Character Steins

   Inspirations for the Art Found on HR Steins

   German Faience Beer Steins

   What are the Odds?

   To be, or Not to be Genuine, that is the Question.

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