SCI Chapters Around the World

Local chapters are the backbone of SCI, providing a means for collectors to get together several times a year to enjoy our favorite hobby. Meetings are planned and organized by the chapter and its members, and may be held in a member's hom, a restaurant or other puiblic venue. While catering to the specialized interests of stein collectors, the meetings are also social occasions to gather with friends, enjoy good food and drink, and to buy, sell, trade or simply examine fine steins. Spouses are an essential element. Often there will be a speaker on a stein-related topic. Members are invited to bring steins to sell, or simply to discuss with other members. Each chapter establishes its own dues structure, and most have a set meeting fee which they collect to cover the cost of food and drink. This page provides information about the geographic coverage of our local chapters, and in most cases, provides the means to contact them via email. Click on the chapter name or logo to find out more about the chapter, and how to make contact with stein collectors in your area.

Members of SCI may access chapter newsletters from this page, but because the newsletter often include personal information, access is restricted to our members who are logged in.

Chapters in the United States

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Chapter contact
Geographic Area Chapter
DS logo Arizona Stein Collectors

Contact: John Piet

Arizona Jun 2019
Jun 2018
Aug 2017
Bayou Stein Verein

Contact: Stewart Eastman



Contact: Dennis Ramshaw

New Jersey,
New York,

Carolina Steiners

Contact: Jerry Berg

N. Carolina, S. Carolina,
Georgia, Virginia & Tennessee

Feb 2020
Dec 2019
Jun 2019
Mar 2019
Dixie Steiners

Contact: Walter Swett

Georgia, Alabama,
S. Carolina,
N. Carolina
Jun 2019
Jan 2019
Feb 2018
Mar 2015
Dec 2014
Erste Gruppe

Contact: Frank Poppie

So. California

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Contact Dennis Hunsicker
Maryland, Virginia,
Washington DC
Summer 2020
Winter 2020
Spring 2018
Gateway Steiners

Contact: Karl Schmitt

Missouri, Arkansas,
Illinois, Indiana,
Kansas & Oklahoma
Mar 2020
Oct 2019
Mar 2019
Dec 2018
Oct 2018
Aug 2018
Die Golden Gate Zecher

Contact: Les Paul

Northern California,
Central California,
Feb 2020
Dec 2019
Sep 2019
Apr 2019
Feb 2018
Lone Star Chapter

Contact: Lawrence Beckendorff


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die Lustigen Steinjaeger von Wisconsin

Contact: John Aschenbrenner


Aug 2020
Apr 2020
Jan 2020
May 2018
Sep 2018
Meister Steiners

Contact: Mike Hogan


Aug 2020
Apr 2013
Sep 2012
Feb 2012

Contact: Ruth Tremblay

Michigan Mar 2016
New England Steiners

Contact: Stuart Weiss

Massachusetts, Connecticut,
Rhode Island, Vermont,
Maine, New Hampshire

Sep 2020
Jun 2020
Oct 2019
Jun 2019
Pacific Stein Sammler

Contact: Walt Vogdes

Feb 2020
Nov 2019
Aug 2019
May 2019
Feb 2019
Pennsylvania Keysteiners

Contact: Frank Davis

Pennsylvania, Delaware,
New Jersey & Maryland
May 2020
Aug 2019
May 2019
Feb 2018
Pittsburgh Stein Society

Contact: Tom Levenson

Western Pennsylvania
Eastern Ohio

Sep 2020 Aug 2020
July 2020
June 2020
May 2020
Mar 2020
Feb 2020
Rocky Mountain Steiners

Contact: Harvey Goldson

1998stn Studenten Prinz Gruppe

Contact: Tom Maguire

New England
New York

Contact: Jim DeMars

Florida Dec 2019
The Thirsty Knights

Contact: Johnsamuel Coleman

Greater New York City
New Jersey

Contact: Lee Oberhausen

Kentucky, Tennessee,
West Virginia, Ohio,
Southern Indiana

Nov 2019
Aug 2019

Contact: Dick Milewski

Upper NY State Sep 2019
Chapters in Europe
Alte Germanen

Contact: George Ploegert


die Krugsammler e. V.

Contact: Wolfgang Gult