2009 SCI Convention
Las Vegas

2009 SCI Convention Declared Unforgettable!

The 2009 SCI Convention, hosted by the Golden Gate Zecher, was a rousing success by all accounts. The convention was well-run, in large part because communications of the host chapter were thorough and the very few minor glitches were quickly resolved. Special Kudos go to Arvid Frende, Chairman for the convention.

The hotel was responsive to convention needs, even though they were unable to do anything about the smoke hanging thick in the casino. The 190-some attendees quickly found alternate ways to move around to the various functions. A very welcome occurrence was the attendance by 25 first-timers.

The “Business” of Having Fun

The commercial stein auction was conducted by The Stein Auction Company (TSACO) on Tuesday, and after handling the steins in the preview, many attendees took one or more home with them.

The main-tent presentations were by Jim Hansen (“Eagles on Steins”) and André Ammelounx (“American College Steins by Eric P. Mihan”). There was also a “Stump the Steinologists” session in which challenging questions were presented to a panel of experts.

Continuing with stein education, Roundtables were conducted by David Bruha, Ron Fox, Lyn Ayers and Jack Strand.

The Business of SCI

Tha annual convention serves as the once-per-year opportunity for the Board of Trustees to meet and conduct any necessary business. It was proposed and agreed that, based on the amount of work involved,  the Treasurer’s position be divided into Chief Financial Officer and Database Manager. This latter position will be filled annually by appointment.

SCI’s ten officers are elected to two-year terms, five being elected in even-numbered years, the other five in odd-numbered years. Following some arm-twisting, the officers elected in Las Vegas are:

          President ---- Phil Masenheimer
          Chief Financial Officer ---- Ravi Patel
          1st Vice President Membership ---- Carolyn Estep
          Editor ---- Walter Vogdes
          Library/Museum Director ---- Lyn Ayers

Awards and Recognition

The annual convention also provides the opportunity to present awards and recognize those who contribute so much to our organization.

Traditionally announced early in the convention, Miss Beer Stein is chosen to preside over events and to ensure that everyone enjoys the convention. Suzanne Elliott wears the traditional crown made of strips cut from beer cans.

Phil Masenheimer received the Master Steinologist Award. This award is given to a member of SCI who has demonstrated an unusual level of expertise in some aspect of collecting beer steins, and who has willingly shared that knowledge with other collectors through publication of articles in Prosit, presentations at national conventions or chapter meetings, or by other means.

Steve Steigerwald received the Jack Heimann Service Award. This award is named after the first president and former Executive Secretary of SCI and editor of Prosit,  and is given to recognize exceptional service to SCI.

Named after the long-time editor of Prosit and Executive Director of SCI, the Jack Lowenstein Editor's Award was awarded to Ron Fox as  the author of the "best Prosit article" for 2008 .

George Schamberger received the Gemütlichkeit Award, and John Mertz, SCI’s official photographer for many years, received the SCI Service Recognition Award.

Thanks go out to all the convention helpers...

Janine Ayers,  BillBosworth, Rich Cress, Steve Elliott, Suzanne Elliott, Fred Ellis, Joann Ellis, Carolyn Estep,
Martin Estep, Ron Fox, Don Franz, Arvid Frende, Spencer Guay, Vicki Guay, Sage Gunderson, Julie Hughes,
Richard Hughes, Dave Lowry, Guenter Morawietz, Nancy Morris, Steve Morris, Les Paul, Pam Peters,
Chuck Schoppe, Peggy Schoppe,  Jim Stoner, Ken Wasson, Marlene Wasson

... and all the others too numerous to mention, but whose help was greatly appreciated