2013 SCI Convention
Los Angeles CA, August 13-17

LINK to Martin Estep’s photos of the convention

2013 Convention Wrap Up

by the Three Amigos

Wow, what a great convention! Sue and Ron Fox, Dave Lowry, Martin and Carolyn Estep and all the others who worked so hard on behalf of the attendees are to be thanked and congratulated.

Although the Three Amigos did not ride on the pre-convention Hollywood Tour, we heard from others that it was very illuminating (except for one attendee who wouldn't get off the bus!). The auction on Tuesday was the usual riot of bidding, and many beautiful steins were taken home by convention attendees. Terry Hill's presentation on Jugendstil Stein Designers was very well done, and greatly appreciated by Amigo Walt.

Roundtables by Steve Morris (E. Bohne u Sohn character steins) and Mark Durban (original artwork of Heinrich Schlitt) were informative and entertaining. The AMOCA museum trip was a great treat, not the least because we had a chance to greet and congratulate old friends, Bob and Collette Wilson, whose Mettlach collection is a major attraction of this teaching museum. Bob welcomed us to the museum, and Roy DeSelms gave a presentation on the "Evolution of Mettlach Wares".

But the capstone for this convention was the Friday night Red Carpet Costume Banquet. This event was entirely faithful to the roots and traditions of earlier SCI conventions. We were serenaded by Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe (who also bussed a few cheeks!), and entertained after dinner by Michael Jackson, moon walk and all. And who can forget Charlie Chaplin, the Wicked Witch, Wolfman, Shirley Temple, Al Capone, Robin Hood and - Aaarrrggghhhh - SCI's own pirate who ran the show. And a good time was had by all.

We would be remiss if we did not mention another aspect of the convention. The selection of the Embassy Suites LAX North as the convention hotel was an inspiration, in our opinion. The two-room suites were exceptionally comfortable and spacious, and the full cook-to-order breakfast buffet and the open bar and hors d'oeuvres each evening were exceptional, providing a wonderful opportunity for members to socialize for several hours each day. While we heard some grumbling about the room cost, those thoughts were completely dispelled by the overall value received. We recommend this type of hotel be used again, and soon.

The Three Amigos have only one word to say (but we'll say it three times)

  Olé!  Olé!  Olé!

Lyn Ayers
Phil Masenheimer
Walt Vogdes