~ All mei Aeckerle, all mei Wiese ~
This verse by B.erthold Auerbach is in Schwäbisch (Swabian dialect) and shows one of the downsides of uncontrolled drinking in the form of an unfortunate farmer who has drunk away his lands. The stein designed by Heinrich Schlitt is an unmarked Mettlach PUG (printed under glaze) (quite often unmarked when not for export) marked mold number 1909 and decor number 1074 and dated 1902.
All mei Aeckerle, all mei Wiese
hent durch's Gürgele abe müsse
hab noch e Aeckerle in der Brach
des muss auch de andere nach.
All my fields, all my meadows
must have gone down the hatch
and I still have a field untilled,
so it must follow the others.
Translation: George & Gabi Schamberger
Photo credit: Unknown