~ Alles geht jetzt in die Höh ~
This was a little difficult, but I think it captures the meaning that when everything goes to heaven including the owner of the stein, it's important that beer goes too. This is a salt-glazed, stoneware stein in the Jugendstil (youth style = modern art) style designed by Franz Ringer and made by Thewalt, ca. early 1900's.
Alles geht jetzt in die Höh -
der Luftballon, sein Licht und der Tee
zumeist aber hockt er mir -
dass in der Höh geht auch das Bier.
Everything now goes into the air -
the hot air balloon, the light and the tea
but mostly it's important to me -
that in the air also goes the beer.
Translation: Roy De Selms
Photo credit: Unknown