~ Alt Heidelberg du feine ~
This is the first verse of a popular poem. "Alt Heidleberg, du feine",  written in 1852 by Joseph Victor von Scheffel. This verse was also incorporated into the "Badnerlied" (Song of the People of Baden) which was the unofficial hymn of the former state of Baden.  The stein was made by Rheinhold Merkelbach, ca. 1900.
Note: The dash over the last "m" means "mm".
Alt Heidelberg, du feine,
Du Stadt an Ehren reich,
Am Neckar und am Rheine
Kein' andre kommt Dir gleich.
Old Heidelberg, you are so fine,
you city rich in honor,
on the Neckar and on the Rhine
there is no other like you.

Translation: Les Hopper compilation
Photo credit: unknown