~ Altdorf - Telldenkmal - 1307 ~
This is a Swiss patriot's stein featuring the Wilhelm Tell Monument at Altdorf, Switzerland with the legendary, 1307, Swiss hero Wilhelm Tell, his crossbow and son Walter inaugurated in 1895 by sculptor Richard Kissling. The Lion Monument at Lucerne, Switzerland commemorates the massacre of the Swiss Guard in Paris during the 1792 French Revolution. The Swiss Guards also guard the Vatican to this day. According to Swiss legend, the "Jungfrau" (literally "young woman" = "virgin") was so named because at the time of the naming, it had never been climbed. The Wilhelm Tell Chapel is at the site on Lake Lucerne where Tell escaped his captors that were in a boat and went on to assassinate the cruel tyrant Gessler in 1307. The thousand year old Chillon Castle on Lake Geneva, Switzerland is said to be where the legendary King Arthur was held captive for a period on his return to England from the Crusades. The stein is marked only "556" ca. 1900.
Altdorf - Telldenkmal - 1307


Interlaken und d. Jungfrau


Chillon et Dent du Midi
Wilhelm Tell Monument in Altdorf, Switzerland - 1307

Lion Monument (at Lucerne, Switzerland)

Interlaken, Switzerland and the Junfrau (Mountain)

The Wilhelm Tell Chapel on the shore of Lake Lucerne

Chillon Castle on Lake Geneva and "Teeth of the South" Mountains
Translation: Roy De Selms
Photo credit: Unknown