~ Am Neckarstrande dienten wir ~
This is a nice original regimental stein in porcelain with a lithophane (picture in the base that can be viewed when held up to the light). This stein was purchased by "Grenadier Ringler" at the end of his service time "1894 - 1896" with the 110th Grenadiers garrisoned at Heidelberg. Grenadiers were a special type of infantry that threw or shot grenades. The eagle on the finial indicates that this was an Imperial German as opposed to a Bavarian unit. The intertwined initials "WR I" stand for "Kaiser Wilhelm I" the honorary patron of this unit.
Am Neckarstrande dienten wir
dem Kaiser treu als Grenadier.
On the banks of the Neckar River we serve
the Kaiser truly as Grenadiers (type of infantry).
Translation: Roy De Selms
Photo credit: Unknown