~ Auf der Mader am See ~
This romantic verse is in Bayrisch (Bavarian Dialect) on an etched stein by J. W. Remy ca. 1900, marked "Germany 882".
Auf der Mader am See
wachst a' Vierblatterklee
u a' Rösle dabei
als ob's herg'richt't so sei.

U, des Rösle ist sei'
u, des Rösle ist mei'
u, des Kleeblatt derzua
o i' glücklicher Bua!
On the heath at the lake
grows a four-leaf clover
and a rose alongside
as it's been arranged just for us.

And, this rose is yours,
and, this rose is mine
and, the cloverleaf too,
oh what a lucky boy am I.
Translation: George & Gabi Schamberger
Photo credit: Unknown