~ Aus goldnen Pokalen trank Rom seinen Wein ~
The Mettlach hand painted stein marked 1526 is ca. 1900. We now call the gold drinking vessels "Römer" after the Romans that drank from them. "Pokal" is reserved for a tall cylindrical, footed, drinking vessel with a set on lid and no handle. The reference to a Bierkrug (beer stein) made from "Stein" (stone) is one of the ways we get our favorite word "Stein" as in "Stein Collectors International".
Aus goldnen Pokalen
trank Rom seinen Wein,
wir freuen uns nicht minder
beim Bierkrug von Stein.
From golden pokals
drank the Romans their wine!
we enjoy ourselves none the less
with a beer stein of stone!
Translation: Roy De Selms
Photo credit: Andre Ammelounx - The Stein Auction Co.