~ Bei schönem Weib ~
The word "Zug" has numerous meanings, but here it means a tug on one's heart strings for the beautiful woman and a long draught of beer for the full stein. The porcelain stein has a colored lithophane in the base, ca. 1900. The lithophane is a scene made by varying the thickness of the translucent porcelain viewable when held up to the light, which is colored in the same way that black and white photographs were tinted before colored photography. The scene on the front is of the Schützenliesl (Target Lady), a 19th century advertising motif from a famous painting of an actual beautiful lady.
Bei schönem Weib
bei vollem Krug
folgt immer gutes
herzens Zug.
With a beautiful woman,
with a full stein
follows always a good
hearty draught (tug).
Translation: Roy De Selms
Photo credit: Unknown