~ Brauerei zum Münchner Kindl ~
This is a Munich brewery stein from the "Münchner Kindl" brewery ca. early 1900's. The Münchener Kindl (Munich Child symbol of Munich) is featured on the lid. The "Schützenliesl" (popularly called the "Target Lady") is officially on the front. This depiction is from a painting of a beautiful young lady, Coletta Möritz, by Friedrich August von Kaulbach ca. 1880 and was used in a variety of very suddessful advertisements of the time.
Brauerei zum Münchner Kindl Brewery of the Munich Child
Inside the lid is written the warning:
Darf nur zum Ausschank von Münchner
Kindl-Bräu-Bier verwendet werden.
Permitted only to serve Münchener
Kindl Brewery beer.

Translation:  Roy De Selms
Photo credit: unknown