~ Bund der Deutschen in Böhmen 1894 ~
This is a very interesting, hand painted, glass stein with a complicated history. People of German ethnicity were always present throughout what is now Germany and Austria and surrounding lands. In 1848 there was a revolution in central Europe to democratize/socialize and get out from under the hold of the aristocracy. It was squelched by the aristocracy and many of the locals left for foreign countries. The USA received many Germans (especially in the Midwest) called the 48er's and some went to what is now Czechoslovakia which was still part of the Holy Roman Empire governed by the Habsburgs and called Austro-Hungary. The group in Czechoslovakia banded together in Prague in 1894 in order to protect German interests and the owner of this stein was in that group. The border lands of Czechoslovakia were called the Sudetenland and also were populated by ethnic Germans.
Bund der Deutschen in Böhmen 1894 League of Germans in Czechoslovakia 1894
Translation: Roy De Selms
Photo credit: Unknown