~ Das Mädchen für alles ~
The German phrase "Mädchen für alles" refers to a person, of either gender, who does many menial tasks or household chores, similar to those that would be assigned to an army recruit. Some close English equivalents would be "Girl Friday" or "gofer". This stein may have been designed as a joke gift for someone named Hannes ( nickname for Johannes), or just a way of letting people know that the life of a soldier is not all "guts and glory." The PUG (printed under glaze) stein has the form number "1909" and decor number "680" used by Mettlach, ca. 1900.
Hannes das Mädchen für alles. Hannes - the girl for all things.
Translation: Franz Schatz / John Piet
Photo credit: Andre Ammelounx - The Stein Auction Co.