~ Das war der Zwerg Perkeo im Heidelberger Schloss ~
This is the first sentence of a 19th century student song written by Viktor von Scheffel. The dwarf Perkeo is the mascot of Heidelberg and his likeness is featured along with the largest wine/beer barrel in the world at the castle. This etched stein is marked with the Mettlach logo, mold number 3290 and dated 1911.
Das war der Zwerg Perkeo
im Heidelberger Schloss,
an Wuchse klein und winzig,
an Durste riesengross!
There was the dwarf Perkeo
in the Heidelberg Castle,
though his stature was small,
his thirst was tall!
(Viktor von Scheffel)
Translation: Les Hopper compilation/Roy De Selms
Photo credit: Unknown