~ Der Geist einmal heraufbeschworen ~
This is an ominous verse indicating that whoever chooses to over indulge will face the consequences of drunkenness (monkeys) and hangovers (tomcats). Other drinking symbols are the herring (a hangover cure) and the salamander associated with aberrant psychic behavior (see: A Gander at the Salamander in Prosit June 2012). This blue/gray, salt-glazed, stoneware stein is the lower half of a bottle character marked with the logo of L. Bauernfreund & Co. of Munich and probably made by Hauber & Reuther, ca. 1880's (see: Chris Wheeler's "Stein Marks").
Der Geist einmal heraufbeschworen
lt seine Folgen bald erkennen,
den Opfern die er sich erkoren,
an Dingen, die wir Affen, Kater nennen.
Once the spirit has been summoned,
he'll soon show his intent
to the victim who he chooses,
namely the things we call monkeys and tomcats.
Translation: Les Hopper compilation
Photo credit: Unknown