~ Derselbige der einst das Aichen erdacht ~
This verse bemoans the standardization of the Maß (1-liter stein) as exactly 1 liter in 1875. He would rather have had it the way it was before at 1 liter plus two or three fingers more. The porcelain, 1-liter stein was probably made by Louis Martini, ca. 1900. See: Chris Wheeler's "Stein Marks" under (Wilhelm) August Saeltzer. One key to this translation is the archaic spelling "Aichen" which becomes "Eichen" (gauging, measuring and marking capacity) in modern German and they both have the same sound.
Derselbige der einst das Aichen erdacht,
der ärgert mich täglich auf's Neue,
hätt er die Mass doch höher gemacht,
zwei Finger etwa oder dreie!
The very one that once devised gauging
angered me daily about new (things),
had he only made the liter stein higher,
two fingers perhaps or three!
Translation: Roy De Selms
Photo credit: Unknown