~ Die Mutter hat Sorg' um die Kinder gedeihen ~
The gist of this verse is that mothers needn't worry about their kids crying at night because it's only that they're crying that they don't have any beer. On the front are the mottos "Prosit" (To your health) and "Wohl gekomms" (to your health) with two happy babies drinking from beer steins. Makes sense to me. The stein is ca. 1900.
Die Mutter hat Sorg'
um die Kinder gedeihen,
weil sie des Nachts
so jämmerlich schreien;
Der Vater jedoch hat's herausgebracht
die Kinder schreien
um Bier bei der Nacht.
The mother is worried
about the children thriving,
because at night
they cry so wretchedly;
The father however has concluded
that the children just cry
for beer in the night.
Translation: Roy De Selms
Photo credit: Richard Stattler