~ Diogenes der alte Narr ~
Diogenes was an ancient Greek philosopher and student of Socrates who disdained worldly goods and pleasures and lived in a barrel or large jar in Athens. He lived on what others were inclined to give him and carried a lantern searching for an honest man which he never found. The etched stein was designed by Heinrich Schlitt, possibly to show the different philosophies of the two philosophers. It is marked with the Mettlach logo, form number 3167 and dated 1908.
Diogenes der alte Narr,
verdrossen hockt er da und starr,
wo selbst der alten Götter
ew'ge Jugendkraft
verschmäht die Liebe nicht,
noch weniger den Rebensaft.

Socrates Vinum Amado

Diogenes, the old fool,
sits there wary and motionless,
where even the old gods'
eternal power of youth
does not spurn love,
nor even less the juice of the grape.

Socrates beloved wine

I abstain
Translation: Roy De Selms
Photo credit: Unknown