~ Eher soll die Welt verderben ~
This is a porcelain Zunftkrug (occupational or trade stein) with lithophane (scene in the bottom visible when held to the light) ca. 1890's. The verse on the front is standard for occupational steins and reads:
Eher soll die Welt verderben
als vor Durst ein Steinhauer sterben
The world should come to an end
before a stone cutter should die of thirst.

The trade represented here is seen on the front scene and is of a Steinhauer (stone hewer or cutter; a special type of stone mason). The owner's name was Joh(annes) Höllein (Johannes = John). He probably practiced his trade in the military since one side scene indicates military service and has the motto:
Hoch lebe der Pionier Long live the soldier of the construction battalion
He also liked to bicycle which was still a novelty at the time and noted by the side scene with a cyclist on a safety bike with the cyclist's salutation:
All Heil  All's well
Translation: Roy De Selms
Photo credit: unknown