~ Ehr' unser Zier, Lied das Panier ~
This is a student stein given or bought in remembrance of a dance class in the Winter Semester of 1911/12. The base is marked mold #1828 and decorated by Hannes & Wieninger München (see: Chris Wheeler's "Stein Marks.com for details) and the related stein on this site "Wo treu das Gemüth".
Ehr' unser Zier, Lied das Panier
That unser Wort, Gott unser Hort!

Z(ur) f(reundliche) E(rinnerung) a(n) d(er) Tanzkurs W(inter) 1911/12 S(emester)
Honor is our motto, song the banner,
Deed (achievement) our word, God our hoard (treasure).

In friendly remembrance of the dance course - Winter 1911/12 Semester
Translation: Roy De Selms
Photo credit: Unknown