~ Ein Prosit der Gemüthlichkeit ~
This is a phrase from a very popular German drinking song that ends with "eins, zwei, drei, g'sufa!" (one, two, three, down the hatch!). This song is probably where the first title of the SCI magazine "der Gemüthlichkeit" came from, but was taken out of context and soon recognized as grammatically incorrect. It should have been "die Gemüthlichkeit", but was instead changed to the other important word in the phrase, "Prosit", and that's where it remains today. Gemütlichkeit is one of those German words for which there is not an exact English equivalent.This Jugendstil (youth style = modern art) stein is marked with the Merkelbach & Wick logo and "110" ca. early 1900's.
Ein Prosit der Gemüthlichkeit! A toast to congeniality!
Translation: Roy De Selms
Photo credit: Unknown