~ Es freuet mich die ganze Welt ~
This beautiful stein as designed by one of the most famous Jugendstil (German Art Nouveau) designer - Franz Ringer.

His designs are the most collectable among the beer stein and Jugendstil collectors. The decorations show a typical Ringer character - it shows in many of his designs - nicknamed "Yellow pants", playing bagpipes on the go. A beer stein is hanging from his shoulder.
Es freuet mich die ganze Welt hab ich fuer meinen durst das Geld.

Doch verdriessen sie mich sehr ist "leider Gotts" mein Beutel leer.
It makes my happy in the whole world when for my thirst I have the gold.

But is annoys me very much when "God forbid" my purse is empty.

Translation: Serguei Artiouchkov
Photo credit: Serguei Artiouchkov