~ Fiat justitia per: mun ~
This is one in a series of twelve "Book Steins" made by Villeroy & Boch at Mettlach for various professions. The books are entitled according to those that one in the profession would read in order to become qualified. This one is numbered 2001 A and dated 1891 and is for a Jurist (lawyer or law student) with associated logos. The inscription on the lid is in Latin and is commonly translated as “Let there be justice throughout the world.” However, it more likely a condensed version of the phrase "Fiat justitia, et pereat mundus" which originated in Johanes Manlius's book Loci Communes (1563) and a favorite phrase among students of the law and the motto of Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand I.
Fiat justitia per: mun. Let there be justice, though the world perish.
Translation: John Piet
Photo credit: Unknown