~ Fröhlich Pfalz Gott erhalts ~
The Rheinpfalz (Rhineland Palatinate) is a wine region in Germany and apparently when the wine turns out good, it makes the grape lice (phylloxera vastatrix) happy. The print under glaze (PUG) stein without lid is marked with the logo of Jacobi, Adler & Co. of Neuleiningen, ca. 1900.
Fröhlich Pfalz Gott erhalts!

Wenn Rebensaft stets wäre edler wein
möcht mancher selbst gern eine Reblaus sein.
A happy Palatinate God preserves!

When grape juice always becomes noble wine,
might many a grape louse be self content.
Translation: Roy De Selms
Photo credit: Unknown